Our Firm's History

The Calegari Law Corporation provides a “full service” approach to legal and business matters which is unique in today’s legal profession. The “full service” approach stems from Mr. Calegari’s extensive experience in business, construction, real estate and the practice of law. Mr. Calegari has over two decades of combined experience in all of these vital areas. Clients benefit from realistic legal AND business advice in order to make the most informed decisions as to how to proceed. This includes a cost-benefit analysis of legal fees that will be incurred. There is no need to pay the higher costs of retaining multiple consultants to furnish commercial, legal, and practical guidance. Each client can expect to receive an unmatched level of personal attention.

Whether you are a homeowner, lender, contractor, real estate investor, professional, business owner, construction worker or someone with a legal issue in today’s difficult economy, the Calegari Law Corporation provides clients a prudent and proactive approach to make the most informed choices. Clients will receive the highest quality of combined business, legal, and sensible advice offered in the State of California.

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